Smithers Safety+ Assurance


COVID-19 Statement


On-Site Safety Protocols

The Smithers team are working hard to ensure that we are providing our customers with the safest possible environment for the return of our in-person conferences in 2021. This process involves working closely with our venues, suppliers and contractors and complying with all relevant national and regional health regulations.

Please note: The German government have announced new requirements for hotels hosting events and to gain entry to this event it is now necessary for attendees to submit and show Smithers staff at the registration desk:

1. Vaccination status* - double vaccination certificate OR a document stating recent recover from Covid-19 
*A negative PCR test to prove vaccination status will not be accepted

2. A printed, completed and signed personal details form (Download a copy here)

**A negative PCR test taken 72 hours within the event start date is no longer required**

We want to ensure our delegates, speakers and sponsors can learn and network with maximum confidence. Your safety is our priority!

We can provide our customers with the following commitments through our Smithers Safety+ Assurance pledge.

Our Key Commitments To You

Attendee Shielding


1. Entry to the event includes showing proof* of vaccination OR a Covid-19 recovery document along with a completed and signed personal details form. 

*A negative PCR test to prove vaccination status will not be accepted


2. Whilst masks are only mandatory whilst walking around the hotel, we strongly encourage you to also wear them in the exhibition area and the conference room(s) and to only remove them when sitting or standing still (unless exempt).


3. Socially distanced seating is arranged in the main conference room. We ask delegates to maintain a respectful distance of at least 1.5m in the other areas. Please seek permission before initiating contact (i.e. handshakes).


4. Exhibition stands & furniture in networking areas floorplans arranged to facilitate social distancing


5. One-way traffic system for entry and exit in conference room and networking areas

6. Staggered registration times to encourage social distancing at busy periods, including registering the evening before the event


7. Agenda and proceedings will be offered in a digitalised format

Cleaning & Hygiene


8. Reinforced regular cleaning of all surfaces in main conference area and all networking areas


9. Hand sanitisers positioned throughout the conference areas to encourage regular use


10. Serviced buffet stations and/or pre-packed catering items where possible

If you have any questions about protocol or safety concerns on the day of the event please contact a member of the Smithers team.