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Registration & welcome refreshments
Chair’s opening remarks
The global TPE market – challenges and opportunities 2022 and beyond
The Future of Thermoplastic Elastomers to 2026
Review of current and future TPE markets
•       Major global market trends
•       Major opportunities for growth
•       Impact of COVID-19 on present and future markets
•       Potential competition and other issues

Patrick Ellis | Consultant, Smithers
Raw Materials Development: Reflections in 2021
3D printing technology and materials
3D Printing TPEs without shore Limit
  • Pollen AM vision 
  • General presentation of Pam technology 
  • Focus on system configuration for TPE printing 
  • Overview of TPE applications in 3D printing (parts presentation + use case) 
  • Mechanical properties and 3D printing with certified TPE 
  • Multi materials 3D printing with TPE 
  • Conclusion 

Thibaud Deshons | Commercial Engineer, Pollen AM
How medical TPE compounds can contribute to the training of medical specialists and the development of personalised medicine
  • Soft and Ultrasoft medical TPE compounds
  • 3D printing technology
  • Creation of fully functional personalized anatomical models
Creation of personalized anatomical virtual models
Aldo Barucco | Head of Sales and Marketing, Marfran Srl
Materials and innovation
Effect of stress history on the flow behaviour of soft commercial TPE grades
  • TPS, TPV
  • rheology, injection molding
  • processing, plastification

Markus Kämpfe | Research Associate, Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden e.V.
Sustainable TPV solutions based on recyclates and partially biobased raw materials
  • Sustainable thermoplastic vulcanizate elastomer TPV
  • PP recyclate and bio-EPDM
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Eric Möller | Product Specialist, MOCOM Compounds GmbH & Co. KG
Overmolding and 2K
Innovations in Thermoplastic Elastomers based on Styrene Block Copolymers bonding to Polyamides
  • Overmolding technologyKey factors determining bonding strength
  • Starbond® XL PA products based on styrene block copolymers (SBCs)
  • Characterization of the adhesion to polyamide plastics
  • Evaluation of oil resistance in relation to end products

Dr. Prakash Sanjeevaia | Vice President of Technology, Star Thermoplastic Alloys and Rubber Inc
Networking Break
Comparison of the Adhesive Properties of Ester and Ether Based Bio-TPU
  • biopolymers, TPU
  • ester base, ether base
  • multicomponent injection molding
  • adhesion
  • peel test
  • environmental effects
  • artificial aging

Marco Klute | Scientific Associate, Institute for Material & Polymer Engineering, University of Kassel
Functionalized SEBS for modification of engineering plastics and optimization of TPE compounds for overmolding
  • Unique functionalized SEBS with MAH or amine grafting
  • Data on engineering plastics and TPE overmolding will be introduced
  • New trial grade also to be introduced

Ryohei Akatsuka | Manager TPE Sales & Marketing, Asahi Kasei Corporation
Chair's summary and end of day one
Networking drinks reception
Welcome refreshments
Chair’s opening remarks
Sustainable solutions for the future
Keynote: Making the benefits of sport sustainable for the many
  • Decathlon Sustainability Strategy
  • Raw material certification
  • Challenges of "green compounding"
  • Practical example

Mansuy Rocquin | Thermoplastic Material Engineer, DECATHLON
Carbon footprint of styrene-based thermoplastic elastomers (TPS): Nowadays a good basis for decision-making?
  • TPE-S
  • Product Carbonfootprint
  • Carbon Leakage
  • Supply chain

Roberto Molteni | Application Development, ALLOD Werkstoff GmbH & Co. KG
Direct injection molding solutions for TPE medical disposable manufacturing
Direct injection molding solutions for TPE medical disposable manufacturing
  • Benefits and challenges of direct injection molding
  • Comparison of conventional and direct compounding methods
  • Results and achievements in current research

Guntis Japins | Researcher, University of Kassel
Networking Break
TPE in automotive applications – challenges and expectations
Keynote: An overview of TPE - Tomorrow’s Expectations for Hybrid and Electrical vehicles
  • electrical vehicle
  • CO2 emission
  • carbon footprint
  • life cycle analysis
  • lightweight
  • recyclability

Pierre Furtwengler | Technical Polymer Specialist, Groupe Renault
Working towards a sustainable mobility: a focus on TPEs for structural vibration damping applications
  • Challenge of sustainable mobility
  • Shift in the use of TPEs in the transport industry
  • Noise and vibration management and reduction
  • Use of TPEs for structural vibration damping applications

Aizeti Burgoa | Researcher, Leartiker S.Coop
Medical grade TPE: Materials and manufacturing
Solutions for Medical Grade TPE
  • Today`s issues and main challenges of using materials in compliant with medical applications.
  • Compound solutions with SEPTONTM and HYBRARTM for medical application.
  • SEPTONTM and HYBRARTM regulatory requirements for medical use.

Bianca Carvalho | Sales EMEA, Kuraray Europe GmbH
Understanding material requirements for kink resistant medical tubings
  • General requirements on medical tubing (infusion lines and catheters)
  • Test methods for characterization of tube kinking
  • Correlation of material properties to kinking behaviour

Giuseppe Fiandaca | CEO, Polyneers GmbH
Contribution of renewable process oils for low carbon footprint applications thermoplastic elastomers
Contribution of renewable process oils for low carbon footprint applications thermoplastic elastomers
  • VIVASPES, a new innovative product line
  • Is renewable by nature, using Various certified biomass feedstocks
  • Available cradle-to-gate data, that Supports the sustainability goals of our customers
  • Performance attributes: low VOC and FOG & Excellent UV-Stability
  • Significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions

Dr Cristina Bergmann | Global Product Manager Mineral Oil and Sustainable Products, Hansen & Rosenthal GmbH & Co KG
Chair’s closing remarks and end of event

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