Sponsors and exhibitors of Elastomers US Summits are leaders in the field, who present innovative products and services to an audience of industry professionals and decision makers. Meet the supporters of Elastomers US 2020 Summits.

Lion Elastomers

Put your brand at the forefront of the elastomers industry.

Sponsoring or Exhibiting at Elastomers Summit is a prime opportunity to put
your products and services in front of key industry players and decision makers.
Experts attend with the goal of discussing innovations, finding solutions, and
building relationships needed to thrive in this market. Show attendees why
your services and products are necessary to improve their business operations! 

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8 Reasons To Sponsor:

  • Networking: Nothing compares to face-to-face networking; it's the most effective way to build and sustain customer relations. Build rapport with industry experts and decision makers in a social and enjoyable environment.
  • Lead Generation: Connect with your target market and increase your reach and exposure to new clients and customers. Meet with people who are in attendance with the goal of improving and advancing their operations.
  • Get Ahead of Your Competition: By placing your brand at the forefront of the industry and presenting your company as an industry leader, customers will think of your brand first.
  • Brand Awareness and Recognition: Gain unrivaled marketing exposure through the event e-mail campaign to thousands of industry players, on the event website, and in conference literature.
  • Taylor Your Experience: Choose flexible options that will fit your budget and ensure your objectives are achieved.
  • Expand Your Industry Knowledge: Learn the latest business intelligence and industry insights from expert presenters with your complimentary event pass. Plus, get discounts on additional passes for your colleagues.
  • Be a Thought Leader: Align your brand with Smithers' objective of industry growth by idea sharing and innovation. Be part of the emerging opportunities discussed and decisions made at this event.
  • Increase Your ROI: The focus on networking, idea-sharing, and at this event will secure growth in your business.