Speaker Interview with Patrick Beyer

60 seconds with a Research Scientist at Dow Silicones

You will deliver a presentation focusing on “ Trends and new requirements for silicone elastomers in mobility and transportation “. Please could you please give us a quick overview of what you will be sharing with our audience?

The transportation sector is undergoing a significant transformation. In my presentation I will review some of those emerging trends, and how they translate into new product requirements and unique opportunities for silicone elastomers. On a more scientific note, I will then be focusing on the technology and application of self-bonding LSRs in mobility.

What do you see as the most significant changes coming up in the sector in the next year?

There are many changes. Disruptive trends for new engine technologies, enhanced passenger safety and comfort, as well as connected and autonomous mobility continuously all ask for new product solutions. The Silicone Elastomers industry is well positioned to adapt to these changes through advanced material science while taking sustainability aspects into consideration during the entire life cycle of a car. Dow has quite ambitious targets to effectively contribute to reduction of carbon dioxide emissions at all levels of the value chain.

The past year has been one of many challenges – how do you see the elastomers industry overcoming these challenges and moving forward?

Obviously, the mobility sector has been heavily impacted by COVID-19, including but not limited to new working practices at production plants due to social distancing requirements and supply constraints on critical materials such as semi-conductors. Throughout this turbulent time, the necessity and speed for innovation has remained front and centre, with the elastomers industry needing to quickly react to both changing consumer requirements and global supply chain disruption, turning them into new opportunities.

Why do you think people should attend silicone elastomer world summit 2021?

The Silicone Elastomers World Summit is a great forum to get updated and actively exchange on most recent developments and industry trends. This year’s agenda is again very diversified, covering market outlooks, updates on product technology and analytics, up to new processing and application innovations. I am very much looking forward to it, especially as it gives us the opportunity to meet people face to face!