Speaker Interview with Jason Treharne

60 seconds with the EMEA Regional Marketing Manager for Dow Silicones

You're going to be presenting on “HCR compound developments to support powertrain electrification” can you give a sneak peek of what people will hear about?

The mobility industry is currently undergoing a significant transformation, with the necessity for lower carbon mobility. As part of this transformation, EV powertrain development is accelerating and new challenges are to be overcome. Dow Silastic™ HCR Compounds thanks to their high performing properties and processing versatility are well positioned to support the industry transformation and I will share a few examples of this during my talk.

What are some of the biggest challenges for elastomer uses in automotive and transport?

At the moment, some of the challenge is the speed at which the industry is evolving, EV adoption is far quicker than many analysts forecasted but this challenge brings an opportunity for Dow Silastic™ HCR Compounds. As a result of their relatively wide range of batch size, you can quickly transition through initial proof of concept, industrialisation trials and then full project ramp up.

What are the latest transport industry trends and how can HCR compounds benefit from these trends?

Powertrain electrification drives a need for both temperature stability and electrical management. Thanks to Dow Silastic™ HCR Compounds known thermal resistance coupled with their excellent and durable electrical insulation performance, they are a key material of choice to support this growing trend.

Why do you feel it is important for people to attend Silicone Elastomer World Summit 2022?

o It is the fact that the Summit brings together the complete Silicone Elastomer Eco-System; Material suppliers, machinery suppliers, tool makers, fabricators and end uses. It is a chance to gain insights along the whole value chain. Fortunately for a 2nd year in a row, it can also be done in person and people can exchange face to face. I look forward to a successful event in Düsseldorf!